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Nick Haseltine was brought up in Whitstable in Kent, and trained as an architect in London, where he still lives and works. During the past twenty years, he has also experimented in theatre set and lighting design and film making, and now produces screen prints, postcard designs, books and publishing.

His passion has always been buildings, specifically industrial and domestic structures, their social history, design, impact, development, interchange of elements and ultimately their dereliction.

Included here are screen prints, photographs, postcards and books which have been based on travels looking at cranes and ports, chimneys and mills, bridges and silos, areas of dereliction and abandoned structures. Nothing is as exciting as seeing cooling towers dominating the landscape or a working harbour, and ready with camera, to transfer it to a silk screen.

Since 2003 in conjunction with Jon Presland, we operate HP Architects Ltd, where we carry out domestic architectural services for private clients. Additional information can be found under the Architecture section

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